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“Life is short ☠️, start having fun today, not tomorrow. ”

“Stop saving all your money so you can enjoy them when you get old. You might not even get there. 😱”

“Greek food is the best in the world. Italian comes second. If you disagree, then you really need to try greek food, cause I know you haven't.”

“Working hard and being patient to achieve anything is a fallacy of our times 🤦.
Work hard / play hard is a much better way to live by, not because it works, but it's simply more enjoyable 💥.”

“Don't judge what people say from your own point of view. You will always get it wrong. Try to see through their eyes. What you are gonna see is almost always better than what you see yourself.”

The Cyprus Institute | STARC Center

JavaScript (WebGL) Developer
July 2020 - now.

(involved in a number of research projects)


1st prize - Fintech Hackathon 2019 with the project MrBill | 2019

1st prize - Fintech Hackathon 2017 with the project FigPay | 2017

1st prize - CNP CypriaLife Hackathon 2017 with the project CypriApp 1st prize | 2017

The “Problem Solver” award with the project “Healthfolio” @ HackCyprus Hackathon | 2014

2nd place in National Greek Student’s Competition on creating Innovative Open-Source Software, “” 2009 with the project “e-Receipt” | 2009

(it's all about winning)

(winning BoC Hackathon 2019 with MrBill)

Philosophy is an amazing time killer. And I love it. But then you have to join reality and live the shit you are philosophizing about. This is a random paragraph. It's because too much philosophy can be like this. I think I forgot the point I was trying to make. Screw it. 👋