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(co-founded a web agency that simply rocks!)

The Cyprus Institute | STARC Center

Research Assistant / Web Developer
Jul 2020 - Mar 2023.

(involved in a number of research projects)

1st prize - Fintech Hackathon | 2019

(winning BoC Hackathon 2019 with MrBill)

1st prize - Fintech Hackathon | 2017

(winning BoC Hackathon 2017 with FigPay)

1st prize - CNP CypriaLife Hackathon | 2017

winning the first place at the CnpCypriaLifeHackCamp with project CypriApp

The “Problem Solver” award - HackCyprus Hackathon | 2014

with project “Healthfolio”

2nd place - National Greek Student’s Competition | 2009

Creating Innovative Open-Source Software, “” 2009 with the project “e-Receipt”